Angela prides herself on getting the best out of every horse that comes into her stable and with over 26 years of experience, she lives and breathes training horses. Angela considers the secret to her success comes from her belief in keeping her horses happy. They have big yards and a paddock where they can have a pick. Every horse gets to spend several hours enjoying the sunshine each day. In Angela's opinion, mental fitness is as important as physical fitness and for a horse to be mentally fit, it has to be happy.

Meet Angela

Hard work and Determination

Through hard work and determination Angela Davies has become one of NSW's most respected female trainers with an enviable strike rate. It was probably inevitable that Angela would be a race horse trainer. When she was a child her parents owned a house beside Gosford Racecourse and before she had reached her teens, Angela was already helping out in the racing stables next door. She joined the local pony club at the age of ten and by seventeen had started breeding with her own stallion. With a father who was a bookmaker, racing was in Angela's blood and it was he who encouraged her to take out her trainer's licence at the age of 25, when she realised that working in the industry was all she really wanted to do.